ArtScene and First Fridays

ArtScene is a regional, biannual, gallery walk hosted at over 30 locations throughout Winnebago County. During ArtScene weekends, existing galleries, and pop-up galleries alike, display and sell the work of dozens of local artists. Admission to every venue is free and open to the public–ArtScene is an ideal event for getting to know local artists and purchasing their most recent work.

First Fridays serve as a traditional downtown event in Rockford; the opening of shops, galleries, and restaurants featuring local artist’s work, is a much anticipated monthly happening.

Fall ArtScene 2021 – October 1st and 2nd

More information and venue applications will be posted in August.




Spring ArtScene 2021

The Arts Council is thrilled to announce the return of ArtScene to the Rockford Region! ArtScene, a biannual gallery walk, is hosted by the Arts Council, featuring new and established artists of the Rockford Region. Visitors to ArtScene are welcome at any of the venues listed—there is no admission fee and all are welcome. All participating venues are adhering to the current Winnebago County Health Department COVID-guidelines and require masks.

ArtScene offers a wide variety of art to appreciate and purchase including jewelry, paintings, sculpture, prints, photography, quilts/fiber art, and more! Artists are available for conversation—sharing the approach and inspiration for their work. Select venues have food and beverages available for their visitors, at no cost, and most surrounding restaurants and shops are open for your enjoyment.

Spring ArtScene 2021 is April 23 and 24—5-9 p.m. on Friday night and 4-9 p.m. on Saturday night. All venues will have maps/artist listings for visitors.

Venue locations include (*new venue):

  • *304 Main: 304 N Main St, Rockford IL 61101  ADA Accessible
    Various and Sundry. Featuring: Pablo Korona, Heather Johnson, Mario Duarte and Bounsay Pipathsouk
  • 317 Art Collective: 317 Market St, Rockford IL 61107
    Radiant! Featuring: Members and Resident Artists
  • Bennie’s Cleaners: 126 N 1st St, Rockford, IL 61107
    The Elephant in the Room. Featuring: Sue Abare, Savon Blosser, Terry Brown, Jose Sente, Drew Eurek, Marsha Goodheart, Norm Knott, Cynthia Linnabary, Karla Lombardo, Wanie Reeverts, Manny Tang, Shannon Blosser, Mic Steede, Meg Turley, Sherry Pritz, Tom Linden, Joelene Chinn, Sherrie Dorr, Karl Jahnke, Jim Regnier
  • City Hall: 425 E State St, Rockford, IL 61104
    Heroes of American Women’s Voting Rights. Featuring: Janie Wilson-Cook
  • Electric Union Records: 321 N Church St, Rockford, IL 61101  ADA Accessible
    From A to Z : Angel Rodriguez
  • GEM: Gather, Engage, Make: 406 E State St, Rockford IL 61104  ADA Accessible
    Featuring: SRM Prints, Andria Green Textiles, Current Location Letterpress, Molly Carter, Britt Bunton, Quarry House Press, Every Person Vintage, Wolf Wren Press, Carmen Turner, Jenny Mathews, Holiday Hearts Crafts, Toya’s Healing Artisan
  • *Here (Fatherless): 727 1st Ave, Rockford IL 61104  ADA Accessible
    Featuring: Fatherless and RKFD
  • J.R. Kortman Gallery: 107 N Main St, Rockford IL 61101
    It’s an Odd World. Featuring: Andrew Harlan
  • *Meta Beauty Collective: 2209 E State St, Rockford IL 61104  ADA Accessible
     Feminism to a Woman Artist. Featuring: Aimee Shields, Michaela Wachlin, Margaret McGraw, Sabrina Tassoni, Kristin Hastings
  • *Nancie King Mertz: 905 Ridgewood Rd, Rockford IL 61107
    Featuring: Nancie King Mertz
  • Rockford MakerSpace: Access to Rockford MakerSpace via the alley next to 317 Mulberry St, Rockford IL 61101. Partially ADA Accessible
    Featuring: Rockford MakerSpace Members.
  • Smith & Sons: 315 Market St, Rockford IL 61107
    Paradiso: An Outlaw Mudshow Show. Featuring: Molly Carter, Kris McQueeny, Javier Jimenez, Lisa Jimenez, Dave Menard, Raid, Jesus Abraham Correa VII
  • TEST SITE: 213 N 3rd St, Rockford, IL 61107
    The Art of Subversion. Featuring: Drew Eurek, Roni Golan, Meico Gowan, Wild Husky Leatherworks, Dennis Wilson
  • The Irish Rose: 519 E State St, Rockford IL 61104  ADA Accessible
    Upstairs at the Irish Rose. Featuring: Breanda Fedie, Abigail Joyce, Kris Theiss, Eleanor Boersma
  • *The Milk House Art Show at Pioneer Hall: 121 S Madison St, Rockford IL 61104
    Featuring: Carrie Johnson, Drew Eurek, Ben Boyce, Andrew Jacob Holm, Marques Morel, Christina Holm, Tom McHale, Sola Holm, Harvest Day, Raven Day, Jushshop, Barn Owl Woodworks, Jenny Mathews, Dustin Eckhardt, Danielle Mosley, Melinda Cook, Zack, Jessie Prouty, Paige Griffin, Summer Wagner, Asia Michaela
  • The Underground: 418 E State St, Rockford IL 61104  ADA Accessible
    Facing Reality. Featuring: Roni Golan
  • Veterans Memorial Hall: 211 N Main St, Rockford IL 61101  ADA Accessible
    The Art of Healing- Comfort Thru Art. Featuring: Sinnissippi Quilters, Alisa Funnell, Dan Faler, Katie Beck.  Sunshine Stitches- Quilts of Valor
  • *Visitor Center for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Laurent House: 4627 Spring Brook Rd, Rockford, IL 61114  ADA Accessible
    Featuring:John Verl McNamara, Barbara McNamara, Sarah Reed-McNamara, Therese Rowinski, Greg Whitson