Brock Pieper

Brock Pieper
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My name is Brock Pieper.

I am exploring fears and afflictions that bind our psyches. I am interested in how each of us feels out of control in our own lives, my work comes from personal struggles. I create my drawings with attention to detail while exaggerating reality. In my process, I utilize many photographs as references for my initial idea. In the process of my work, the idea begins to take the form of portraying psychological anxieties and fears.

While I do work with photos, I do not strive to create the appearance of a particular person or a perfect resemblance to the original image. I make it my own to fit the end result of what I am thinking and the implied emotion attached to each drawing. The attention to detail, in my drawings, is my own interpretation and reflection of my thoughts and ideas. Essentially these drawings are our anxieties and psychological stresses exposed. These anxieties depicted through my drawings are essentially what makes us human.

(815) 708-9542
Rockford, IL
  • Brock Pieper
  • Brock Pieper

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