Your gift to RAAC helps us support, promote and celebrate the arts for everyone! 
Here are just a few examples of how we will put your contribution to good use!

* ArtScene creates a marketplace for over 350 artists twice a year.
* RAAC provided grants to 34 artists and organizations in 2016 serving 112,177 residents.
* In the past 22 years, ArtsPlace has changed the lives of 1,050 high school students.
* RAAC Camp has brought 60 youth a year, from the entire community to Ellis School for a safe, creative camp for 20 years.
* Council Choraleers, under the direction of Dorothy Paige-Turner brings youth from our community together in song!
We work with artists, arts organizations, social service agencies, government entities, school districts and arts patrons to ensure the arts are accessible to all!

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