04/06/2017 - Closing Reception for Alice Klock

Chicagoan Alice Klock is The Shumway's first visiting artist. Come meet Alice in person and see her art before it's gone.

At the closing reception, Alice will discuss her artistic process and shed insight into her experience with homeschooling, professional dance, and professional art. Light refreshments will be served and unique techno-poetry will create a special backdrop at this unusual but friendly event. 

The Closing Reception takes place on Saturday, April 8 from 5-7pm at The Shumway, 713 E. State Street in Rockford. This event is free and family friendly.  Park in the back lot for free. Some of Alice Klock's pieces are still available for purchase. 

Original Poetry mixed with Music and Sound Effects provided by Rockford Writers' Guild. Writers include: Nina Chrusman, Kelly Epperson, Ella Flamm, Matthew Flamm, Cindy Guentherman, Angelo Kuntz, Connie Kuntz, Fern Kuntz, Jesse Kuntz, Jocelyn Kuntz, Sam Kuntz, Tom Lee, Ann-Margret Naber, Sharon Nesbit-Davis, Jennifer Rea, Connie Ross, David Ross, and Jim Simmons.

For more information about Alice Klock's work, visit her website at https://www.klockonian.com/