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Nicholas Dal Pra
Rockford, IL  

Nicholas Dal Pra, was born the oldest of four children in Rockford, Illinois on November 26, 1974.  Raised among artists in his family, Nicholas became obsessed with art at a very young age.  He was also strongly influenced by the artists of the time such as M.C. Escher, Andy Warhol, and Salvador Dali.  Design and advertising also had an impact on Nicholas; the cola wars, Joe Camel, the Nike Swoosh, and comic books were concepts that captivated his imagination.  Throughout his childhood he found himself redrawing rock band logos, guitars, guns and product packaging.

After high school Nicholas attended College for a brief period before enlisting in the United States Marine Corps.  After the Marines he went back to school and studied painting and drawing.  Once again Nicholas found himself drawn to promotional and marketing materials; graphics and creative typography.  Nicholas soon taught himself Adobe Photoshop and began his career in the arts by designing rave fliers for party promoters.  It wasn't long before he began using the computer as much as a pencil.  He realized that the computer would play a significant role in his life.

Nicholas continued to study painting and drawing, in 2004 he earned his BFA in Visual Communications from Northern Illinois University.  Since 2003 Nicholas has been the senior designer and art director at a Rockford based, international manufacturing make-up company, Colorlab Cosmetics.  He has worked on all types of artistic projects for a wide range of clients, and does commissioned paintings and drawings as well.  Nicholas was selected as the first artist to paint a mural, at 509 East State Street, for the Art On the Walls Project in downtown Rockford.  A sample of Nicholas' work can be seen on his website