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"Imagination is more important than knowledge," said Albert Einstein. The Rockford Area Arts Council has a strong commitment to providing opportunities for children which integrate the arts into their education. Through classroom workshops and residencies, In Service training for teachers, and grants to schools, the Arts Council strives to encourage the imagination, curiosity, and creative thinking of students and teachers.

Imagine how exhilarating learning about the human circulatory system can be when taught through dance!

Discover the joy in learning fractions through lessons about musical notes, beat, and rhythm.

Experience a history lesson through drama.

Understand world cultures through songs, stories, and dance.

The Rockford Area Arts Council offers the services of experienced, inspiring artists and high-quality arts programs which enhance and energize the school curriculum and the lives of our young people.
Arts Education Programs Offered by the Rockford Area Arts Council:


ArtsPlace, a summer program at which pays teen-agers to apprentice to professional teaching artists.
Ellis Arts Academy
, a program of after school programs in the arts.
RAAC Camp, a multi-disciplinary summer camp at Ellis Arts Academy.
Project Full House, a discount ticket program for students in low income families (and their chaperones) to attend area performances for $1.
Rockford Artists In Schools, a grant program available to schools in Winnebago County. Information available on the website under "Artists in Schools."


For information about any of these programs, call the Rockford Area Arts Council at 815-963-6765.