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2013-2014 Rockford Area Arts Council Board of Directors

Monica Krysztopa, Chairman
Ron Clewer
, Vice Chair
Sarilyn Neiber,
Jim Barbagallo,
Secretary/Past Chair

Joseph Bruscato
Carole Carbone
Jan Jann
Cindy Karnitz
Doug Mark
Mike Mastroianni
Tom McNamara
Jeff Powell
Maurice West

Ex Officio 
John Beck, City of Rockford Alderman       

Anne E. O'Keefe,
President & CEO
Sharon Nesbit-Davis,
Education/Engagement Director
Ann-Margret Naber,
Administrative Assistant
Trisha Blassage,
Business Manager

Education Committee
Carole Carbone (Chair)
Claire Rotello
Ann Rundall
Stephanie Quinn
Maurice West
LuAnn Widergren